Manufacturing and technology

The most advanced lacquering technology

To give you a better idea – for MDF base we apply five layers of acrylic varnish on both sides, including the edges. This coat is then hardened by means of UV radiation. After hardening, another two top layers of polyurethane varnish are applied with high gloss or matt. This results in a varnished surface with almost unlimited lifetime, absolute resistance to humidity and high temperatures (up to 500°C). It also has the highest possible level of gloss, which cannot be achieved with any other technology.

For veneer surfaces, we apply four layers of acrylic urethane transparent varnish in high gloss on both sides of the piece, including the edges. We thus create a perfect functional and aesthetic protection of the veneer. We never use water-dilutable varnish.

Honeycomb board technology

We use this technology to manufacture strengthened lightweight construction elements. The honeycomb product itself consists of a solid frame from eurotimber into which honeycomb paper is inserted, on which a coating of at least 6 mm is pressed in (most competitors offer only 3 mm). This product is coated with polyurethane glue and then finished with veneering or varnishing to achieve a high gloss. Thanks to these features the construction is extremely rigid and keeps its shape.

Patented technology of covering the edges: SLIM-LINE

We are one of the few companies to employ the latest technology of coating the edges using a glue based on polyurethane SLIM-LINE (PUR – TERMOSET). This can create a water-resistant connection and prevent damp and water from entering the cupboards. Each piece of our products has this coating. The new PUR – TERMOSET technology goes beyond the until now standard coating performed with EVA – TERMOPLAST glues, and in all parameters.

Robotic assembly and finishing line

We have been one of the most technologically advanced furniture factories in Europe for many years. For example, we have a fully automated robotic assembly line.

The most advanced manufacturing plant

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