Traditional craftsmanship

Rustic wood processing and hand-made carving

An integral part of the production is its traditional handmade rustic wood processing. The final products make the impression of the whole interior more intensive. The range of the products includes for instance elegant decorative ledges in straight as well as rounded shapes, rustic columns, cornices, shelves and the whole range of accessories for classic kitchens and other furniture.

Wood shaping

As one of few worldwide companies we possess the largest range of technologies for wood shaping,
from the high-frequency pressing to the traditional bending introduced by famous Michael Thonet in the 19th century.

Handmade gilding and patina coating

At our products you can see a very appreciated technology of handmade scratching and patina coating. The technology is based on the applying a staining layer and two layers of a lacquer, between which there is a handmade scratching. What follows is the patina coating (tint lacquer) or a special lacquer and the process of the handmade scratching through the layers follows again. Thus the required old-time colour tint is created. To get the final appearance of the product, it is lacqured with the final surface coat. In this way the large participation of the handmade operation makes every furniture unit a real original.

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