Choose from a large number of top quality materials carefully selected by our designers for you. Visit your nearest HANÁK studio, see the range of products and be inspired by true quality.

Infinite possibilites of custom production

A wide range of colours, sharp as well as rounded shapes in any appearance. Thousands of various veneers and lacquers in high gloss and matt. An unlimited number of potential atypical products that all is made without subcontractors. This is top quality custom production of the HANÁK brand.

The 7-layer HANÁK lacquer

For more than 20 years we have been dealing with the technology of lacquering. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are considered to be experts in this area. The furniture segments of the HANÁK PREMIUM range of products are varnished with the 5-layer basic lacquer. Each of the layers is UV hardened by the UV lacquering technology. Afterwards 2 final finishes of the polyurethan lacquer are applied in the required colour shade in high gloss or matt. In this way the lacquered segments prove a perfect resistance and design. These qualities are guarenteed thanks to the used revolutionary SLIM-LINE technology, which is banding with PUR-TERMOSET glues we use as the only producer in the Czech Republic.

Top quality veneers

In accordance with the latest trends, for our furniture we produce the highest quality veneers with an attractive design. Referring to the processing, we use the most advanced technology. As the first producer in the Czech Republic we came up with a series production of the veneered furniture, including interior doors completed with the acryl-polyurethane NANO technology of the lacquer in deep matt with 5% gloss. The main visual advantage of the surface finished with the NANO lacquer is the fact that its structure of the wood in the matt design gives more realistic impression. The less visible lacquer provides the veneers with a natural aspect and beauty of raw wood.

Resistant laminates

We devote great attention to the selection of materials and twofold to their subsequent processing. For this reason, we use patented SLIM-LINE technology on all the furniture units, which prevents water and water vapour from penetrating into the furniture. For this reason, our furniture has 4-fold higher resistance to water as compared to the standard.

Work tops

For our top class kitchens, we recommend the best work tops, whose design and quality fully match our products. A quality work top is an important component of the kitchen, both in terms of function and service life, and for an overall consistent look.


Glass is undoubtedly a modern element in the door panels. We give you choice of clear glass, one-sided varnished glass, always with security foil attached to the back.


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